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Combinig Reactor used to control current

Combinig Reactor used to control current

This article will describe a combining reactor which is used to control currents between PWM inverters to supply a motor. The target is to limit the current ripples caused by the inverters.
Therefore it is important that the inductance between the inverters is high enough but is low enough between motor and inverters to limit the voltage drop.
The reactor is naturally cooled by air and designed for a climate class C2, the sound pressure level is lower than 65dBA.
The combining reactor passes type tests which include inductance and full load current measurement, temperature rise test, load ...

Brand positioning: a survey of customers and employees

How is the brand HTT perceived? What are its characteristics and what is of importance for customers and employees? When it comes to position HTT as an excellent provider in the market and as an attractive employer in our region, these questions must not be forgotten. To reach this goal, a survey was created at the end of March to get an assessment of how the brand is perceived. More than 130 customers and employees of HTT took part. The result is impressive: HTT is considered as a flexible and reliable brand:Bild Ergebnis Website

Many thanks to all participants.

This month company HTT has successfully carried out the first "BIL-test" with 250kV.

The test field of company HTT disposes beside the equipment for performing routine test
according to IEC 60076 also over a lightning impulse voltage test arrangement.
Tests up to 300kV can be performed in dependence of the technical data of the test
This month company HTT has successfully carried out the first "BIL-test" with 250kV.
Test specimen was a cast resin transformer with Um = 52kV.

Also other type tests are possible in our test field: for example heat run tests or noise
level tests. If you are interested in learning more about this simply get in touch ...