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B Produkt Giess


  HTT resin-encapsulated transformers are mechanically and thermically stable against changing load, short-circuits and extreme climactic conditions. They comply with Climactic Classification C2, Environmental Classification E2 and Fire Classification F1. The winding material is copper or aluminium. The HV-coils are casted under vacuum. The LV-coils are either casted under vacuum or having prepreg as isolation material. Because of the extreme variability of the casting moulds, the transformers can be greatly adjusted to fit the available space on site. For transportation (e.g. insertion into a mine) extreme positions are available.
B Produkt Oel   The winding material for oil-immersed transformers is copper, alternatively aluminium. They are filled with mineral oil and can be filled with silicone oil on request. We develop and manufacture transformers for all kinds of applications.