3 Transformer Models

Flexibility in a new dimension for Cast Resin Transformers

With a new concept HTT Hochspannungstechnik und Transformatorbau GmbH is offering customers a range of Craftsmanship Quality Transformers each optimized technically and economically by the careful selection of conductor and isolation material.

In the past purchasers and plant engineers had to search suppliers to match the unique needs of their actual application to the manufacturers standard range of transformers. Considerations always include the trade off between the best technical solution and the most economic choice.

Compounding the problem for the user are the many suppliers of transformers and even more transformer concepts. Also the choices of copper or aluminum winding material and LV coil cast under vacuum or the use of Prepreg isolating material further compound the matter especially when there are good arguments for many of these different designs.

The choice of the best transformer concept is primarily dependant on the technical and qualitative requirements of the individual applications. These choices involve considerable price differences.

With HTT’s new transformer concept, based on 3 product models, HTT is
offering customized solutions in craftsmanship quality without compromises.

More than 30 years experience with special design transformers and optimized production processes is the basis for the new HTT-series production of Cast Resin Transformers – HTT accustomed high quality at the best price.

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